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How to Install the Latest Version of Kodi on Windows 7

kodi windows 7

Nowadays many people are asking themselves how to install the new version of Kodi on Windows 7. Many people will agree that the operating system is fast and stable, but it has some limitations which will be frustrating if you want to watch live TV channels, watch your downloaded movies or music, browse the web, play games and other activities. Or you can download kodi for windows here.

What Should I Know?

Before you decide to install the software, check out all the options available with Windows as there are so many. Windows may not have the most up to date programs in the market but there are some which you can use to get better TV viewing experience. Here are some of the most common problems that people encounter with the operating system.
If you want to find the solution to this problem you will need to download the latest version. Once you have it installed you should find that it is a very reliable system. The good thing about installing the latest version is that it will automatically update the programs to ensure that it is always updated.
When you are running the software in Windows, you will notice that the user interface will be a bit different from the Windows 7 version. The Windows 7 version has more options and it also has the option of using the “task bar”. This is a very convenient feature that you will not find with the new version of the software. You might also like to read about kodi add-ons.

What More?

When you run the software, you will find that it uses up a lot of resources but this is normal as the software was designed to take advantage of old versions of Windows. If you have a slower processor then you might have to tweak some settings in order to ensure that it runs smoothly. This is a very easy thing to do as there is an uninstall program available in the software which will remove any programs that are no longer being used.


Once the program has been downloaded, you can delete it and then run the new version. It is a very simple process and will not take long to complete.
There are many reasons why Windows is becoming so popular with so many people. With the great support from Microsoft and the new operating system, it will become a very user friendly system.